Please click on the CPP SHIBOLETH SSO LOGIN button below

Applications Open

Applications for 2018-19 Academic Year open on February 6th at 7:30 AM

Please be patient when loging-in and going through the application process. And please log out once your application has been submitted.

Beginning on February 7th students can add their roommate groups.

After clicking the CPP SHIBOLETH SSO Login button, log in using your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.

Only current Cal Poly Students, and admitted future students will be able to access the UHS Portal. If are one of these students and receive a message that your "login failed", please contact the campus ServiceDesk at 869-6776 to verify your BroncoUsername and BroncoPassword.

If you have not yet been admitted to Cal Poly Pomona, you can request information about Housing from the Housing Office by calling 909-869-3307 or email

If you are enrolled in the Cal Poly Pomona English Language Institute (CPELI), contact the Housing Office for assistance.